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Stay in front of your providers, patients, and partners to generate ongoing referrals and grow your bottom line. Our content library and email outreach system provides each group with content that interests them, sent in your name.

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Each of your markets needs a different approach.

We can help you reach them the right way.

Email Outreach to Referring Physicians

Keep in Touch and Strengthen Relationships

Keeping in contact regularly with you referring doctors ensures that you stay top of mind. When you are sending out carefully crafted articles and targeted information that is tailored to their needs, you help strengthen your partnership with their practice.

Easy Referral Instructions in Every Email

Each email contains instructions and links to make it easy for doctors to send referrals your way in just a few clicks.

Remind Physicians Why You Are The Best Choice for their Patients.

Each email always has content about satisfaction and price differences between hospitals and independent diagnostic facilities. You have a lot to offer, so show your referring providers why you're the right choice for their patients!

Provider outreach process

Example Content

Provider outreach process

No one teaches providers how to run a business, until now.

Want to really help your referring providers? Want to grow their practices so they will grow yours? Now you can.

Our practice growth articles and courses give providers actionable information on how they can improve their practices. Categories include:

  • Practice marketing
  • Physician-physician networking
  • Best business practices
  • Limiting liability
  • Front desk SOPs

Articles Written For Doctors By Doctors

The most impactful articles for a medical providers are those that are written by other healthcare professionals. Our team of writers includes experienced MDs and PhDs who discuss the most common mistakes and how to avoid them as well as new findings in the industry, and much more.

Connect the Docs
Provider outreach process

Provider outreach process

Branded Content to Improve Your Website Rank

The articles we send to your referral partners in your name are located in a resource center on your website that matches your main website's look and feel. Doctors can click around to read other articles that interest them. More visitors to your website means a higher rank!

Email Outreach to Diagnostic Patients

Keep in Touch with Interesting Health-Related Content

We provide emails to your patients that keep your business relevant and top of mind without bombarding their inboxes.

The articles we write for your emails help patients improve their lifestyle decisions and knowledge about their health. Not only is the material informative, it's interesting and written in a fun and easy to read format.

Get People Talking While Building Personal Referrals

We know there is a big difference between diagnostic center prices and hospital prices. Your patients should know too.

Emails include content on price savings, satisfaction differences, and options to share with friends and family so you can get people talking!

The Resource Center Strengthens Your Brand

We don't just send out emails, we put the articles up in an online resource center that fits the look and feel of your website. Your brand awareness in improved with every patient that browses your articles.

Provider outreach process

Example Content & Outreach

Provider outreach process

Connect with your patients in ways that matter to them!

Getting people to open your emails means you need to send them something they're interested in. Our research and analytics system enables us to get to know who your patients are and what each individual is interested in before sending out messages.

You know how much your patients saved, but do they?

Now they will!

Every time a patient gets onto your list, they are going to find out exactly how much of a difference there is between going to the local hospital and going to your diagnostics facility.

Provider outreach process

Provider outreach process

Get to know your patients

The better know you your patients, the better you can serve them and increase trust and loyalty. As patients open your emails, read, and respond to your content, you will be gaining valuable insight into what makes your patients tick.

Improve Your Website Rank

The email we send out contains links to full articles which are located in a personalized resource center on your website. Whether people find your articles through an email, your website, social media, or somewhere else, they can browse your library of content.

More people spending more time on your website means a higher rank in the search engines!

Provider outreach process

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Radiant Growth System Setup:

The Radiant Growth System Setup includes the following items:

What does all this mean? It means that we have to set up our content to match your branding, then make sure that when we send out emails it looks like it’s coming from you and if someone takes a look at an article it looks like it’s on your website.

The Radiant Growth System has to be set up one time for any one of the three target markets. That means that if you set it up for providers, you might as well go ahead and use it for patients as well.

So, if you get started with just providers you can get employers and patients started at the same time for a lot less cost.

One Time, All Three Systems Setup Fee: $4495