Online Ads for Radiology Services

Get More Patients With Google Ads

Did you know that many businesses earn $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on Google advertisements?
With an effective strategy and proper management, pay per click ads can be an effective source of new business.

Boost Your Online Visibility

Getting Noticed Online is Key

Even radiology businesses that are just getting started, or who are starting a new website can get a high level of visibility through online ads. Ads give you an easy opportunity to be seen at the top of web searches.

Increase Visibility
PPC ads

Turn Ad Viewers into Customers

It's Simple - More Patients, More Revenue

Pay per click ads are more likely to convert website visitors into paying customers than non-paid search results. Since paid search ads are more likely to bring in paying patients you get even more bang for your buck.

Increase Brand Awareness

Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness by an Average of 80%

Turns out your business could even benefit from ad views that do not lead to an appointment or even a visit to your website. If you want to be recognized in your community, paid ads can get you results quickly.

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Set radiology budget

Only Pay For What You Use

You Set a Budget and We Stick to It

Our expert ad managers ensure maximum efficiency. You only pay for the actual cost of the ads and a management fee equal to 20% of the total monthly amount spent on the ads.

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Radiant Growth System Setup:

The Radiant Growth System Setup includes the following items:

What does all this mean? It means that we have to set up our content to match your branding, then make sure that when we send out emails it looks like it’s coming from you and if someone takes a look at an article it looks like it’s on your website.

The Radiant Growth System has to be set up one time for any one of the three target markets. That means that if you set it up for providers, you might as well go ahead and use it for patients as well.

So, if you get started with just providers you can get employers and patients started at the same time for a lot less cost.

One Time, All Three Systems Setup Fee: $4495